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This site uses cookie. By using our website, the user accepts and agrees to the use of cookies in accordance with the expressed terms of use of cookie in this document.

What are the cookies?
The Cookies are little files of text which are automatically positioned on the PC of the navigator inside the browser.
They contain basic information about the navigation in Internet and thanks to the browser are recognized every time the user visits the site.
Every cookie contains several data such as, for instance, the name of the server from which it comes from, a numerical identifier and so on.
The Cookies can remain in the system for the duration of one session (that is until the browser used for the navigation on web is closed) or for long periods and can contain only an id code.

What are the cookies needed for?
Some cookies are used to execute data processing authentications, monitoring of sessions and storing of specific information about the users who access to a web page.
These cookies, so-called technical cookies, are often useful, because they can make the navigation faster and quicker use of web, because, for instance, they take part in making easier some procedures when you do purchases online, when it authenticates you to reserved access areas or when a web site recognizes in automatic the language you usually use.

A special typology of cookies, called analytical, are then used by the web site managers to gather information, in associated form, on the number of the users and on how such visit the site itself and therefore elaborate general statistics on the service and its use.

Other cookies (cookie profiling) can be used to monitor and outline the users during the web surfing, to study their movements and habits of web consultation or consumption (what they buy, what they read, and so on), also in order to send advertising of aimed and customized services (so called Behavioural Advertising). We speak in this case of cookies of outline definition.

It can also happen that a web page contains cookies coming from other sites and contained in several elements lodged on the page itself, as for instance advertising banners, images, videos, and so on.
We speak, in these cases, of the so-called third-part cookies, that are usually used for the outline definition. So the cookies than you unload on your pc, smartphone and tablet can be read by other people, different from the ones who manage the web pages that you visit.

The cookies on our web site

Statistical Cookies and Audience calculation from third part. uses Google Analytics to gather information about the use from the users of its site. Google Analytics produces statistical information and of other kind through the cookies memorized on the users’ computers. The produced information on our web site is used to do some reports on the web site use. Google will memorize and will use this information. The privacy for the google analytics is present on this link:

List of analytics cookies:
__utma :
duration: 2 years(after any update)
This cookie is written to the browser after the first visit to our site from the browser used. If the cookie has been deleted by your browser, and then the browser to visit our new site, a new cookie utma is written with a different unique ID. This cookie is used to determine unique visitors to our website and is updated each time the page. In addition, this cookie has a unique ID that Google Analytics uses to ensure the validity and accessibility of the cookie as an additional security measure.

duration: 30 min.
This cookie is used to establish and continue a user session with our site. When a user views a page on our site, the Google Analytics code attempts to update this cookie. If you can not find the cookie, a new cookie will be written and a new session is established. Each time a user visits a different page on our site, the cookie is updated to expire of 30 minutes, thus continuing a single session for all the time and user activity continues within 30-minute intervals. This cookie expires when a user pauses on a page of our website for more than 30 minutes.

Duration: until the end of the session.
This cookie operates in conjunction with the cookie UTMB to determine whether to establish or not establish a new session for the user. In particular, this cookie has an expiration date, and ends when the user closes the browser. If you visit our site, close the browser and then return to the website within 30 minutes, the absence of cookie UTMC indicates that a new session must be established, despite the fact that the cookie UTMB has not yet expired.

__utmt :
duration: 10 min.
The cookie __utmt is part of the service of analyzing and monitoring Google Analytics . It indicates the type of request that is performed on the site ( eg . Event , transaction , custom variable or element ) . Very often this cookie is presented with the addition of a suffix that identifies the meaning , so it is possible to trace in the form __utmtxxx where xxx is a series of alphanumeric characters or words that identify certain actions.

Duration: 6 months
This cookie stores the type of reference used by the visitor to reach us, either through a direct method, a referring link, a website search, or a campaign such as an ad or an email link. It is used to calculate search engine traffic, ad campaigns and page navigation within our site. The cookie is updated each time the page to our site.

Session cookies

Duration : until the browsing session ends .
Purpose : Cookie generated by applications based on PHP , used to keep the session active until the user navigates the site .

WordPress Cookie (required for operation of the site)

Name: wordpress_test_cookie
Check the ability to record cookies on your browser
Duration: until the end of the browsing session.

Name: wp-settings-1
memorize settings of the user logged identified use
via [UID] which corresponds to the sequence number of the registered user
Duration: 1 year.

Name: wp-settings-time-1
purpose: to memorize settings of the user logged identified use
via [UID] which corresponds to the sequence number of the registered user
Duration: 1 year.

name: wordpress_logged_in_ [hash]
purpose: identifying the user logged in to the management of the site (front-end), [hash]
via unique username and password
duration: session

_icl_current_language (linked to wordpress plugin WPML)
Purpose: This cookie is used to collect information about your navigation language and provide matching content to you.
Duration: 1 day.

Purpose: This cookie is used to collect information about your selected language.
Duration: 1 day.

Name: wpca_ok
Duration: until the browsing session ends.
Purpose: Stores information about viewing the message of cookies.

Sometimes we use cookies to third parties (google adwords) for advertising, which is collected information regarding users
in order to display targeted advertising and sponsored listings (remarketing)

These Cookies profiling for advertising and remarketing
(Advertising services to third party) are used in order to send advertising and personalized content based on browsing history and its affiliates.
Here are the links to the respective pages of the privacy policy and consent form where you can disable the use of cookies profiling of third party service. (Consensus)

Other Third Party Cookies
On our site there are sometimes even vimeo videos, use google maps, the. It is integrated parts in the visited page, generated directly from these sites.
The presence of these codes involves the transmission of cookies to and from all sites managed by third parties. The management of the information collected by “third party” is covered by the related information which please refer.
Shows the link with the information of these services.
Google Statement: the use of data:
Full information at:
Google (configuration): driving out sull’out-General for Google services (Google maps, YouTube …) is present at the web:

Vimeo : Vimeo:
( Vimeo is a service of displaying video content managed by Vimeo , LLC that allows this application to integrate such content within its pages )

How to disable the cookies

If you use Internet Explorer
In Internet Explorer, make click on “Tools” then “Internet Options”. In the Privacy sheet, move the slider upward to block all the cookies or downward allow all the cookies, and therefore click on OK.
If you use the browser Firefox:
Go to the menu “Tools” of the browser and select the menu “Options”. Click on the sheet “Privacy”, deselect the box “Accept cookie” and click on OK.

If you use the browser Safari
In the Voting Browser, select the menu “Modifies” and select “Preferences”. Click on “Privacy”. Position the setting “Block cookies” always ” and click on OK.

If you use the browser Google Chrome
Click on Menu Chrome in the browser tool bar. Select “settings”. Click on “Show Advanced Settings”. In the section “Privacy”, you click the button “Content Settings”. In the section “Cookies”, select ” Not allow the sites to memorize the data “and of control” Cookies of block and third parts the site data “, and therefore click on OK.

If you use any other browser, look for in the browser settings for the procedure of management of cookies.

This site uses technical cookie and cookie profiling of third parties . Continuing a Surfing the website you agree to the terms and conditions for the use of cookies .
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