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Information report according to art. N. 13 D.Lgs n. 196/2003 (Code in matter of personal data protection) and Regulations UE 2016/679 (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation).

ESSEBI SRL wishes to inform the concerned parties involved in the treatment, that the personal data transmitted or related to the cocnerned party, are treated by the writing Company fully observing the current Regulations concerning the data treatment and the confidentiality obligations, which have always inspire us. As ”Personal data treatment”, we mean any operation or operation group, carried out even without an electronic means support, related to gathering, recording, organizing, preserving, consulting, elaborating, modifying, selecting, extracting, comparing, using, interconnecting, blocking, communicating, diffusing,cancelling and destroying data, even if not recorded into a data bank.
According to art. 13 OF d.Lgs 196/2003 and art. 13 of GDPR concerning the personal data which we treat after establishing mutual contractual and working relations, we communicate the information here below.
The treatment holder, to all law intents and purposes, is ESSEBI SRL having Administrative head office in Vigevano (PV)-via Marzabotto, 29- Tel +39 0381 329770 e-mail
The personal data are gathered at concerned party and can also be related to company contact names given by companies with whom the writing company has commercial/contractual relations.
The personal data of concerned Party are treated (treatment purposes) following the contractual needs and the consequent fiscal and legal obligation fulfilments, and also for allowing an effective commercial and financial relation management;This treatment will last for the whole period of the contractual relation and also later on, for legal obligation fulfilment and for commercial and administrative purposes. The personal data conferment is compulsory for accomplishing the above mentioned purpose.
Within the purpose for which the personal data are gathered, ESSEBI SRL treats the same according to principles of correctness, legality, transparence and confidentiality safeguard of the concerned party rights.
The data treatment is carried out by instruments and procedures suitable for granting safety and confidentiality, either by paper or electronic means.
The personal data will in no way, be diffused, while they can be communicated by us to the opportunely nominated people in charge of their treatiment in our offices; moreover they can be communicated to those people who need to have access to these data for supporting the relation between our company and the concerned party, within the strictly necessary limits for carrying out the auxiliary tasks, they have been entrusted with, as f.e.: banks, administrative commercial consultants.
The personal data conferment is compulsory for fulfilling the contractual obligations; the refusal to give these data could cause the total or partial non-fulfilment of the contractual purpose.
The treatment is carrying out using safety measures suitable for reducing to the minimum level, the risk of unauthorized access to the data by a third party , their destruction and/or deterioration, and for granting confidentiality, according to art. 32 of GDPR.
Personal data particular categories.
When sending curriculum, according to art. 26 and 27 of Privacy Code and art. 9 and 10 of GDPR 2016/679, the concerned party could voulantarily communicate to the writing company, data qualifiable as “ personal data particular categories” (that is those data revealing ethnical or racial origin, political opinions, philosophical or religious convictions, or trade union belonging…genetic, biometric data allowing a phisical person univocal identification, data related to person health or sexual life or sexual trend).
Such data category can be treated by the writing company only with the concerned party written agreement.
The treatment concerned party can, at any time, exercise the rights according to art. 7 “Right of access to personal data and other rights” of the Code in matter of personal data protection, whose contents is reported integrally here below:
1. The concerned party has the right to get confirmation of concerned personal data existance, even if not yet recorded, and their relevant intelligible communication.
2. The concerned party has the right to get indication of:
a) Personal data source
b) Treatment purposes and procedure
c) Application logic if treatment is carried out by electronic means support
d) Identification data of holder, of responsible people and nominated representative according to art. 5, c.2
e) Subjects and subject categories to whom the personal data can be communicated or who can know about them being nominated representative in the State territory, responsible people or appointees
3. The concerned party has the right to get:
a) The data updating, rectification or,if interested, integration
b) The data cancellation, anonymous making or blocking, which have been treated violating the law, including those data whose preservation for the purposes they have been gathered or subsequently treated, is not necessary
c) The confirmation that the operations at points a) and b) have been duly communicated, even regarding their contents, to the people to whom the data have been communicated or diffused, excepted the case where this fulfilment results impossible or demands a means usage clearly out of proportion to the protected right.
4. The concerned party has the right to oppose, in total or in part:
a) For legitimate reasons, the personal data treatment, even if pertaining to the gathering purpose
b) Personal data treatment, for advertisement material mailing or direct sale or market research accomplishment or commercial communication
Moreover, according to GDPR, we inform that the concerned party can exercise following rights, towards the writing company:
1. Receiving confirmation if there is a personal data treatment taking place and if so, getting access to the personal data and to all information according to art. 15 of GDPR
2. Receiving rectification of uncorrect personal data without unjustified delay. In consideration of the treatment purposes, concerned party the right to get the uncomplete personal data integration, even by supplying a supplementary declaration
3. Getting personal data cancellation without unjustified delay
4. Getting treatment limitation in presence of any hypothesis according to art. 18 of GDPR
5. Receiving in a structured, common use, readable format from automatic device, the concerned party personal data supplied by the writing company
6. Opposing, at any moment, due to particular situation related reasons, the personal data treatment according to art. 6, par. 1, lett. e) or f) of GDPR. In this case the company will stop treating furtherly the personal data, provided there are no legitimate legally binding reasons for proceeding with the treatment, prevailing on the interests, on the rights and on the liberty of the concerned party or for a right assessment, exercise or defence in Court
7. Not being submitted to a decision based only on automatized treatment, producing juridical effects in your regards or affecting analogously significantly your person. This right is not applicable in the cases regulated by art. 22, par. 2 of GDPR
8. Addressing to control Authorities for claiming if you think your data are treated in a illigitimate way.

Treatment holder


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