RT/S40E.V.A based transparent stickFor bonding sample set, glass sealant trimmingsSuitable for bonding wood, paper, fabric, glass, mirror
RT./S42E.V.A based honey colour stickShoes and leather shoes reinforcementsSuitable for bonding plastics, cardboard, paper, ceramics, metal, leather, wood, sponge, felts, porous materials, cork
(universal adhesives)
RT/S43E.V.A based different colour stickThe available color range allow the application whenever for aesthetics reason the normal standard stick cannot be usedUniversal thermoadhesive suitable for bonding different supports
RT/S43BE.V.A based glitter coloured stickDifferent decorations, handicrafts, bricolages, particular fashionable effectsUniversal thermoadhesive suitable for bonding different supports
RT/S48E.V.A based stickPackaging, carton and paperUniversal thermoadhesive, suitable for bonding paper and carton, fast setting time
RT/S100Polyamide based transparent straw coloured- stickShoe lasting, leather goodsExcellent and very fast bonding on a wide range of material
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