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Our products are born from your technical needs

Since 1978 products for shoe factories

Founded in 1978, Essebi has quickly expanded on the adhesive market, basing its success on innovation, quality and its Management professionalism.

The product which gave burst to Essebi, is the thermoplastic rod cement, which all shoe factories adopted soon, due to quicker production speed, bigger reliability and usage easiness.

Essebi is now present in over 80 countries, and thanks to the product quality and customers’ satisfaction, its market is continuously expanding.

Sales and marketing are managed by Mr Vincenzo Sormani, from the head office located in Vigevano, while development and production are managed in an over 10000 m2 big modern building located in Solbiate Olona

Solving problems connected with production, cost containment and timing are the company mission
other products

Toe puffs and Counter; Nails and Tacks; Silicone releasant Cutting Board; Threads; Hot Melt applicators


We are present in Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Europe

Quality control


Product quality, complying with environmental and workers’ health protection rules. Essebi is the ideal partner for companies representing the Made in Italy good name in the world.
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