Silicone releasent

TEC SILANTIADHERING for moulds, presses, rollers, sliding plans, cutting tools.

POLISHING for rubbers, natural and synthetic leather, etc..

LUBRICATING for gears, mechanical parts.

WATERPROOFING for fabrics, cloths, curtains, tarpaulins, soft tops
-Does not stain leather and allows a perfect pressing

-Solvent evaporates, dryng up immediately

-It can be used upside down too, without any gas loss

-Pressure is calibrated for avoiding useless wastes

-Concentrated diffusion jet into one single point

-Does not leave oily remnant, lubrificating at the best

-Prevents adhesion of glues or resins on the treated supports.

-Non-toxic, odourless, colourless, antistatic, antidirt

-Propellent does not damage ozone and holds no cfc