Characteristics of ESSEBI Hot Melt

One way for improving the work environment quality,  is using hot melt cements, solid adhesives which melt with heat or with a heat and pressure combination.

Basic substance    +    Heat

(solid phase)            \      (Fusion)

Hot melt cements do not contain solvents, they melt with heat and then solidify once again when cooled, thus joining the parts to be cemented.

The use of these hot melt cements is increasingly widespread, since it offers a significant improvement from the environmental point of view, because the VOC (volatile organic compounds) are negligible.

These polymeric adhesive bases are defined thermoplastic.

Two categories of thermoplastic bases developed by Essebi, are particularly interesting for the footwear industry: the polyamide and the polyester ones:
these bases are used for footwear assemblying and for upper folding, as well as for toe puff printing and forming and for other processes.