Thermoplastic rod cement pioneers

Essebi is a pioneer in the introduction of polyester and polyamide based thermoplastic rod cements for the footwear sector: a technical contribution that has revolutionized the market and the footwear lasting machinery technology.

Thermoplastic rod represented the introduction of a material which, on one hand, was going to optimize the footwear production cycle and, on the other, was giving the consumer more comfort, whilst respecting the environment and the workers’ health.

Since its entry on the market, thermoplastic cement has contributed to marking an important turning point in the shoe industry various  production cycles.

Furthermore, its technical characteristics have enabled the industry to improve the finished product quality.

Among these factors, which immediately dictated its success, there is one which, particularly today, is of great interest: the variation of the solution’s formula which, in some cases, makes the product absolutely eco-friendly.

It is correct and appropriate to specify “in some cases”, since the thermoplastic cements on the market are not all alike, the difference depending, obviously, on the basic materials used for their production.

In this case too, the choice for  brand can be the safest way to ensure a product having the desired characteristics.

Thanks to a thirty years’ experience in the field of chemicals and an in-depth knowledge of the footwear manufacturing industry problems, Essebi remains one of the most qualified companies as regards to thermoplastic cements.