Polyester Adhesives

Available in Rod or Granule

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Polyamide Adhesive

Available in Rod, Granule or Cylinder

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Available in Granule

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Available in Blocks

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Available in Cartridges

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Pressure Sensitive

Disponibili in Freepack e Pani

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Since 1978 products for shoe factories

Founded in 1978, the company quickly spread to the adhesives market, basing its success on the innovation, quality and professionalism of its management.

The product that gave Essebi impetus is the adhesive thermoplastic thread, which was soon adopted by all shoe factories by virtue of the higher production speed, greater reliability and ease of use.

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Our products are born from your technical needs

Thanks to the regular and profitable cooperation among machine producers, external consultants and internal development team, Essebi is able to produce, every year, new developments for the shoe industry.

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Thermoplastic Adhesive



Unione degli industriali della provincia di Varese